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chemistry for changing times [20 Jan 2007|05:11pm]

Wow, well this is the most hideous thing I've seen today. AND THAT INCLUDES YOUR FACE MOFO.

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[11 Jun 2006|09:22pm]
I'm in love
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Too much caffeine makes Kate go zooomg [16 Apr 2006|08:59am]
Happy Easter kids.

Yesterday I worked from 4pm until 12 midnight. I was not allowed to sit down once, not once, not even for five minutes. Come 12 (and after a hysterical change in the loo, and a lot of unfair and unneccessary bitching by my boss damn him) my mate picked me up in a cab and we went off to The Egg, a club in central London, where we partied like crazy until 5 in the morning. When we got there the bouncer told us it was an over-21s, but then winked and said 'but I'll let you ladies in.' I got in at six, and woke up again at eight because I'd drunk too many espressos the night before. It's now nine and bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeergh, got to go to work at five today, was originally on morning shift (11am!!) but my lovely co-waitress swapped. Bleeeeeeergh, thank God it's Easter and I can justify shoving my face with chocolate and ruining my diet which had previously worked so well. Au revoir x
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...when I met you.... [26 Mar 2006|10:40pm]
Am all jobbed up. Working as a waitress in a wine bar (not a cocktail bar, unfortunately, else I could've put Human League in all your heads for the rest of the day). Tis a terribly posh place, only opened two weeks ago, with mood lighting and candles, low black marble tables and bar, hot dark red leather sofas, you know the sort. It also serves food til 10, which is where I come in. Waitressing is a most hideous job, I hate it muchly. People yelling at you all the time, you are on your feet for hours and hours on end rushing up and down, touching people's manky dirty plates, smile smile smile. It's funny, but it's the older generation who are the rudest. People in their twenties and thirties are usually quite poilte and friendly, whereas go over 45 and they get snappy and finger-clicky and arrogant and loud. My dad says this is because the youngens have yet to be worn down by life, I say his generation are just a bunch of bastards really. That's the baby boomers.

Oh yeah, and why do beer bottles have to be dark? dark green, brown, black, it's like they do it so waitresses can't tell whether people have finished or not, and have to stop and peer, and look stupid. Life would be so much easier if everyone followed J2O or Coca Cola's examples.

On the up side: All friends back from Uni in next few days for Easter! On the even uppier side: going to Paris in a week with one of best friends! On the down side: Paris having riots at the moment, foreign office recommending peeps keep away as rioters apparently taken to attacking tourists, as if somehow it's the Germans' or the Spainards' faults that the governement is making it easier for them to lose their jobs. Oh well, maybe places will slash their prices then.

Me and my friend intended to stay in the Ritz originally, pool in all our money and stay for one glorious night, (as has been our ambition for many a year now), however cheapest room when we checked was 700euros, say about 500 squid, ie more than we could afford. So it remains, for now, a dream. And we remain for now in a youth hostel.
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I know you like to drink Strongbow, cos you wanna get strong like bear [09 Mar 2006|06:54pm]

the_andorransaid lovely stuff about my journal in a post of hers it would be incredibly vain to link to, so I won't. She also demanded I update more, so I obey, but with a meme.  And in true sweet_pepper style, it's about two weeks after everybody else has done it.

Australia has stolen my boyfriend. Woe.


'...and one of them got the wrong number, he was only calling for the cricket scores...' [22 Jan 2006|03:26pm]
I feel sickCollapse )

Saw Brokeback Mountain again. God, why do I keep doing that to myself? It is so depressing. I even bought the bloody soundtrack, but I can't listen to it because it depresses me all over again. So that was a good £11.99 well spent, me thinks, on a CD I can't even listen to. The cashier at HMV was trying to chat me up but I was so panicked, thinking he was trying to catch me out because I was still getting a student discount even though I am not actually a student anymore, that I didn't realise this until after I had left the shop.

Went to see the Henri Rousseau exhibition in the Tate Modern. Henri Rousseau painted my favourite painting ever, a tiger in a tropical storm imaginatevly titled 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm'. the_andorran may remember this painting because many years ago she gave my brand shiny new, default-layouted LJ a make over with this picture as the background. Anyway I couldn't even get close to it because it was so crowded. And it cost me 10 bloody pounds. Actually, it only cost me eight, because I got a student discount. Heh heh heh I love being a Uni-dropout with a Uni card still safetly in my green velvet purse.
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Angsty cowboy love [13 Jan 2006|08:05pm]
Brokeback mountain review and spoilersCollapse )
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thoughtful and intelligent evaluation of LOST [12 Jan 2006|03:21pm]
Ahhhhh series final of LOST. Ahhhhhhhh nooooooo ahhhhhhhh.

LOST Spoilers but I bet you've all seen it anyway, you bloody AmericansCollapse )

It is the last day for University applications tomorrow. When I rang up to make an appointment the lady in charge of UCAS at my school (a formidable woman, terrifying some might say, I have a lot of respect for her though) almost had a heart attack. 'WHY HAVE YOU LEFT IT SO LATE?' she said in a voice that managed to sound horrified and disgusted at my complete lack of organisation at the same time. 'WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING SINCE SEPTEMBER?'
YES WELL CALM DOWN I'M GETTING IT SORTED NOW, AREN'T I? Alright, so it's a bit late, and alright so all those ambitious smarmy organised middle-class little robo freaks at my school did it months ago. But still. Shouting's gonna help nobody now.

One of my friends has moved out of London to Kent - land of the old people. She is black, they are all white, they look at her when she walks down the street. Everybody else it at Uni or travelling abroad. My one friend left in North London is going to Egypt with her handsome rich Egyptian boyfriend on Tuesday *weeps*. Seems I have more capacity to *weep* than I thought. Colour me jealous because she's going to see the pyramids and Nile and all that jazzy stuff. And I'm going to do nothing.

On a brighter note: seeing Brokeback Mountain tomorrow!

ETA: Shit, I just got spoiled for LOST again. I wasn't even on a fansite! How does this keep happening?
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2006 is my friend [02 Jan 2006|10:44pm]
Hello! I am stealing five minutes on my dad's computer. So I'll say:

* Happy Xmas and New Year. Don't ask.

* I'm addicted to Lost and am mouth-frothingly angry that Britain is so far behind America. Also, my many years online failed to teach me anything and I got spoiled within two minutes, yes 120 seconds, of visiting a Lost fan site last night. So no more fansites for me.

* Went to see Les Mis on the 30th in the West End. Is somehow hilariously awful and stirringly good at same time. I like the story. Also like the song 'empty chairs at empty tables'.

* My dad's internet is watched by people at his work, hence why I can only go on when his back is turned. So 'hi!' whichever random person is reading this now.

* *le shrug* I quite liked Narnia. Did anybody else notice the disturbingly unplatonic relationship between Mr Tumnus (so hot) and Lucy (so young)?

* I am so damned excited about Brokeback Mountain. I mean, hot gay cowboys in wuv, what more could a girl want? Comes out on the fifth in UK, so only 3 more days to wait. What doest thou think of it, O flist of yore?

* I am becoming such a feminist. I swear I read an article in which it says ONE THIRD OF PEEPS IN BRITAIN THINK ITS A WOMAN'S FAULT IF SHE GETS RAPED IF SHE WAS FLIRTATIOUS. OR INTOXICATED. One third! I am not a violent person by nature but sometimes people just need to be smacked.

* If you can comment on this on how you are doing. Its sybriatic (still can't spell it. What a silly word), the andorran and all you guys. I've read back your LJs quite far but still. Just say hello :)

* Watched 'The Prince and Me' with Julia Stiles. Also watched 'Mona Lisa Smile'. Good grief when I think about what that money could've been spent on.

* Watched Karate Kid. Had forgotten what a damned good film that is. My brother says it is childish. I say: 'brother! No!'

* Am panicking, running around in circles, banging head on walls, weeping into shoulders, wibbling my stiff upper lip, pulling out my hair, rolling on floor, eating paint, panicking, panicking, panicking. I have 2 weeks - yes two weeks, fourteen days, blah-blah hours (oh you wouldn't bother to work it out either) - to fill out my Uni application. *Le dainty, dignified panic*

Hopefully speak to your beautiful selves soon.
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[22 Nov 2005|12:46pm]
GOF entry

GOF spoilersCollapse )
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Bruvvers and why you don't want one [14 Nov 2005|12:54pm]
The reason I can only use the internet in a net cafe is because my computer at home (which was perfectly fine when I left) is completely buggered. My brother, obvious culprit, shrugs. When I got back, I went looking for my old laptop which had on it a lot of stories I had been working on for over five years, or two years, or a year for various competitions I intended to enter. I could not find it. My dad, all innocence and surprise, says: 'Oh, I thought you had finished with it since I bought you a new one for Uni so I lent it to your brother,'
So I go find my brother. 'Yeah, it's fucked,' he says, unconcerned. 'I don't know what you did to it, but it is seriously screwed.' Bear in mind, if you will, that I had this laptop for SIX YEARS and I never had a single problem with it. It had no internet, so no internet viruses, no games, the only thing I ever used on it (no exaggeration) was Word. It was perfectly fine when I left it.
'What do you mean, screwed?' I cried.
'I don't know what happened but everything's wiped,' replies he. So that's it. Six years worth of work, gone completely. He's right. It's empty. What the hell did he do?
I get somewhat angry. 'Why didn't you use your own laptop?'
He shrugs. 'It was screwed. It doesn't even turn on anymore.'
Me: 'what is it with you and computers?'
Him: (in serious denial) 'It's not my fault! It's yours! I don't know what YOU did!'

Yesterday I come home and find him on MY BRAND NEW £1100 (YES, ELEVEN HUNDRED POUND) LAPTOP.
Him: (sulky) you're so selfish.

Please tell me I'm not being selfish. Please tell me it is what you would've done. My new laptop is passworded and hidden under my bed. I refuse to let him use it.

Plus he beat me at chess yesterday. Twice. The day before he check mated me in 3 moves. The bastard.

In other news, today I got a letter from the English Dept at Durham University: 'you have mmissed three seminars and this means a mark on your record.' WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? HOW MANY TIMES MUST I E-MAIL YOU? How many seminars must I bloody miss before you get the message?

Au Revoir!

This entry doesn't contain porn. [07 Nov 2005|01:05pm]
Hi kids.

I haven't updated for ages because I have not had access to the internet. This means I have not been able to read your updates either, although I have now read back I haven't commented.

Went to the Harry Potter world premiere. I saw: Emma Watson, Robbie Coltrane, Jarvis Cocker, Seamus Finnigan, Tom Felton (he was sweet) and the Phelps twins - they were lovely, they spent ages signing autographs and talking and laughing with everybody even though their aides kept telling them to go inside. Afterwards we went to a pub where they charged me £2.50 for a glass of grapefruit juice. Bloody central London prices.

My internet time is running out (am in a net caff), so gotta run, hopefully see you guys soon.
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[25 Oct 2005|10:57am]
I wasn't going to go on about this, but a couple of people asked on my last post, so I will.

here goesCollapse )
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[24 Oct 2005|09:57pm]
Wow. So I'm dropping out of University. I think I lasted all of a month.
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"Hear no evil, speak no evil - and you'll never be invited to a party" - Oscar [18 Oct 2005|10:13pm]
I was feeling better last night, so when an old friend called and asked me if I wanted to go to a party, I said: 'mais oui, monsieur'.
The party was held in the house of four second-years and was therefore full of second-years getting trashed - really really trashed. There were empty alcohol bottles everywhere, like a carpet. Now I'm not easily impressed by this - we've been drinking at house parties since 13, lots and lots, but this was just another level. They were doing shot after shot of absinthe and drinking cocktails out of vases.
My friend was talking about all the mates he'd made, girls he'd met, parties he'd been to. 'It's all very well staying with your old friends,' he boomed, 'but I mean, Uni's about meeting new people, making new friends, how pathetic is it to stick only to your old friends?'
Me: *shifty eyes* Oh yeah, really pathetic.
It was all very fun until a few hours in, when everyone ended up in that shouty-bleary stage which is only funny when you know them well. My medication doesn't allow me to drink, so after this I began to get bored. I talked to a fresher for a while because he looked like Harry Potter, but when I told him this he seemed quite offended and the conversation fizzled out. So I went home.

The funny thing is, everyone drinks, all over England, at this age. It's a source of pride, almost, to get very very very smashed. You brag about it afterwards. But my dad says when he was at Uni (three trillion years ago, in Greece), it was such a humiliation to be caught drunk that people who drank too much would actually leave the Uni in shame. There you go.
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Hi Hoooooo [14 Oct 2005|11:38pm]

This is one of my favourites photos ever. It amuses me no end. I love how the rest are just completely ignoring him.

Strange snippet of conversation overheard today: 'I don't think lesbians really exist, they are made-up, like eskimos'. Quite. Curiously enough, the girl was right - they ARE made up like eskimos, ie not at all.

I signed up for a course of Greek lessons. Have completely blown my budget - Greek lessons cost £75, then I bought a Uni of Durham dark blue hoodie, £20. I spent £50 on various books and CDs on Amazon a few nights ago. Curiously enough, I don't care. This worries more than my overspent budget itself - when am I going to start caring and watching my spending? When I'm reduced to begging for chips outside the DSU because I can no longer afford to feed myself? I'm just not used to having so much money. Am dizzy with it. Am intoxicated with it. Money money money money money. I forget I need to buy food and shit with it too. Money money money money money.

PS its_sybriatic rocks my socks so hard. So much so that I'm not even sure if that's how you spell her LJ name. Thanks flist for being so nice on my last post, you won't hear my whining about that again, l'honest.
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'In university they don't tell you that the greater part of the law is learning to tolerate fools.' [07 Oct 2005|07:28pm]
Well, I've been in Durham at Durham University for a week now, so if you've not seen me around LJ land this is why.

Durham is the tiniest, prettiest little place ever. It is like being in the 1850s. Old brick buildings, famous centuries-old cathedral, castles with turrets and spikes, twisted iron gates, glass, cobbled streets. There are ornate stone bridges over the wide river, forests with waterfalls, flowers, old English rural pubs, mahogany, tall windows, foliage, hills. There are a few chain shops - Topshop, Accesorize, Thortons - and many little independant shops which sell either Armani, Gucci, Prada, Scottish tweed, or tailor make ballgowns and corsets, or jewellry, or musty litle bookshops and dark hidden coffee shops. All the shops are in the original sites, which means they are cut into stone or with old wooden doors. Some go downstairs into dark stone rooms where the lighting makes the jewellry and sparkly shoes glitter like you are in Aladdin's Cave.

Durham is pretty like a postcard. Not the sort of postcard that looks amazing but when you get there it's full of tourists, and there's an overflowing bin, and a screaming kid, and a row of dirty cars and someone selling over-priced ice creams and the bloody thing itself looks drab and smaller than you expected. No. Durham is picture perfect. I could go out now and take a roll of film and everyone could be used for a postcard with no airbrushing at all.

Durham is a University town, in term time 10% of the population are students. It is very plain to see when you are walking around that people are either under 25 or over 55. At night 99% of who you see will be young, rich students in party clothes laughing, drinking, dancing or throwing up. The locals are insanely friendly - the sort who, when you're lost, not just give you directions but walk you there also, or smile and wish you a nice day at the market. It is a mark of my London upbringing that at first I seriously thought they were being sarcastic. I heard the North was friendlier but I wasn't expecting such bloody niceness. And such cheapness! A mudshake cost £1.50...in London it was at least a fiver!

My halls are nice, they are on a hill but I can deal. The girls on my floor are great, really friendly and leave boxes of chocolates or biscuits out with post-it notes saying 'help yourself! :)'. On one side of our building is huge University rugby playing fields and forest (it is very nice to see red-cheeked boys with nice legs playing rugby on cold misty mornings as you walk to your lectures), the other side is a high security prison (possibly the only ugly building in Durham).

Durham has a lot of nice bars, pubs (no clubs, Newcastle for that), coffee shops and cafes. Also, the college puts on some nights (last one I went to was themed 'Seven Deadly Sins', it had a chocolate fountain for gluttony, poker table for greed, podium dancers for lust etc) so the students don't get bored. It's not quite London. But it isn't so bad as I was expecting.

PS, I missed my first Anthropology lecture today, because I was at a poster sale. It was worth it, though, because I got three for £10 - A Vintage Chat Noir poster, the famous Théophile Alexandre Steinlen one, (btw, The Chat Noir was an old Cabaret theatre/cafe in Paris in the late 19th Century, all piano and poets and musicians and low celings and smoky bars and artists) A gorgeous one of the Grand Central Station in New York, in black and white taken in the 1930s (it has a lot of business men and bankers in suits with top hats), and also a Guns N Roses one. 'Cos I love 'em.
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[12 Sep 2005|12:52pm]
Charity shops rock. My mother has always bought me up to be thrifty, but it was only about a year ago when I truly appreciated the brilliance of these things. While out aimlessly wandering a few days ago I chanced upon one I had never found before (I was surprised, I thought I knew every one in central London). For 1 pound, I got a pack of Harry Potter playing cards. For another pound, I got a cream vintage Prada dress made in Italy that fit me pefect. Now there is a lot of crap in charity shops, but if you search and search you find such gems as vintage Prada. For a quid. Wow.

Over the last nine or ten days I have had trouble sleeping - waking up in the small hours and not being able to get back to sleep, taking ages to get to sleep and eventually just not being able to sleep at all. One of my friends had problems with insomnia last year and in my ignorance I was a bit dismissive. I feel bad now I know how horrible it is. The hours I have spent on my back, staring at my ceiling, eyes burning with tiredness, too tired to read, too tired to stare at a computer screen, feeling dizzy and exhausted and wide awake. People chalked it up to me being nervous about Uni, although I never agreed because my nerves have never in the past manifested themselves as insomnia. This morning the doctor rang with the results of my blood test (oh yes, ANOTHER one. Is that my sixth in the last few months or my seventh?). If you rememebr my thyroxine dose was increased a while back (spots have gone now, thank Gawww). Turns out it is now too high, so I'm full of constant energy, hence the inability to sleep. So now they have me take 100mg one day and 150 the next. I'm so tired like you wouldn't believe.

I have never liked needles. When we had our BCG in year 9 (aged 14) I panicked and cried my eyes out and three nurses had to hold me down as I wept and tore my arm away talking to me about Eastenders and who shot Phil. Now I have to have blood tests regularly, after a while I set tests for myself. The first, I just had to get through it. The second, I had to make no noise, and I sat there squirming and grimacing but was silent. The third I had to show no outward sign of emotion at all and I pretended I was at a funeral and stared straight ahead blankly. The next, I was supposed to watch the needle go in but I chickened out and failed. This time I managed to watch the needle go in without any outward sign of emotion except I clenched my teeth slightly. Never mind, I have a whole lifetime of regular blood tests to perfect it.

ps, is there anyone out there who is gifted at graphics and icons and this crazy computer stuff who would like to do my a teeny favour?

Back from holiday [10 Sep 2005|12:33am]
Well, actually I was back about a week and a half ago, but you all know how busy life gets. Especially when you're a week away from moving across the country and living on your own and knowing nobodyatall *panic panic breathe breathe*

Holiday to MallorcaCollapse )

I choose my subjects for my Uni course of Combined Arts. I'm taking:

(From English):
Introduction to the Novel
Introduction to poetry

(From Classical Civilisation):
Ancient Greek (the language)
Ancient Greek philosophy

(From Anthropology):
Early People and cultures

We got my English books. A fun day was spent hunting through charity shops, second-hand book shops and central London's biggest book shops (Foyles etc) to find them all. They are:

Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe
Frankenstein Mary Shelley
Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte (boring)
Wide Sagrasso Sea Jean Rhys
Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad (The book the film Apocalypse Now was based on)
Bleak House Charles Dickens (HIDEOUS. From what I've read of Mr Dickens, he sounds a thoroughly decent bloke. I just wish his books weren't so long and intensely tedious. Hard Times was the most dense, boring, long, boring, boring boring boring book I have ever had to drag myself through. Bleak House is twice as long. It is with all honesty I tell you I can't look at it without wanting to weep)

Also we have a poetry anthology which cost 30 quid and is huge and heavy. BUT THE BEST THING OF ALL: We are doing Le Paradise Lost. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. We did Books I and II in A Level Eng Lit, and when I first heard it was a fat long poem about Satan going on for tens of thousands of lines written centuries ago I felt a shudder of deep horror. I was wrong. It was amazing. It is the only text (bar Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men) which I have enjoyed writing essays on. My eccentric Scottish teacher, who never usually gives full marks, gave me full marks on three essays in a row (which meant my Form tutor, also an English teacher, let me off a detention for being late too often because he was so impressed.)

Finally, it is my birthday on Sunday. I am 19 which will mark my last year as a teenager before I am into my 'ties'. Unless I live to be a hundred I will be in my 'ties' for the rest of my life.

So...how are YOU all?
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[22 Aug 2005|06:21pm]
Off to Majorca with a group of seven of some of my closest friends in the last seven years. Back on Sunday. Think of your lovely friend Kate and don't post anything terribly interesting in the next week!

Cheers, see you soon, the pepper x

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